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emma + grabbing the lapels of killian’s jacket

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You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.

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The different layers of Regina Mills

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Lana and Sean being dorks in Paris

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they're like two kids on a playground. they kick each other but they do it because they like each other. (Jennifer Morrison)

Tonight was the best nights of my life. I still can’t process it, it feels like a dream.

Jennifer Morrison is really and truly the most genuine, down to earth and beautiful person I have ever met. I’m honestly still trying to process everything still, so I won’t write up all the details…


season 1 vs season 3

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"You’re glad to hear I had my h e a r t broken?                                                        If it can be b r o k e n it means it still works. …